LSG’s Presidential Early State Campaign: Conditioning the Agenda at the Highest Levels

September 21, 2023

The 2024 presidential election is on the horizon, and it promises to be a defining moment in our nation’s history. As we stand over 14 months away from casting our votes, presidential hopefuls are crafting their policy platforms and making their case to the American people. They’re all looking to address a broad spectrum of critical issues that will shape the course of our country for not just years but potentially decades to come. From social concerns and election integrity to the intricacies of healthcare, the global economy, and our environment, it’s a pivotal time where policies are being debated, refined, and ultimately decided upon.

For associations, corporations, and industries, the presidential primaries present a unique and invaluable opportunity. It’s a chance to advocate for their interests, actively influence policy discussions, and confront the specific challenges and opportunities inherent in today’s ever-evolving economic and political landscape.

Here’s how engaging in the presidential primary process can be particularly advantageous:

  1. Influence Policy Development: By participating in the primary process, corporations and organizations can actively shape the policy agenda of the eventual nominee. This involvement can lead to the development of policies that directly impact industries and interests—and ultimately the American public.
  2. Access to Candidates: During the primary season, presidential candidates are more accessible and open to dialogue. This accessibility provides businesses with an opportunity to engage with candidates, express their concerns, and cultivate relationships that can prove invaluable when it comes to policy discussions and advocacy.
  3. Building Alliances: Raising pertinent issues during the primary allows corporations and organizations to forge alliances with like-minded individuals, associations, and advocacy groups who share their concerns. A collective voice amplifies their influence, enhancing the chances of their issues gaining traction in the political discourse.
  4. Promoting a Proactive Agenda: Engaging early in the primary season allows businesses to position themselves as responsible corporate citizens, demonstrating their commitment to addressing significant societal and economic challenges.
  5. Preparedness: Engaging in the primary process ensures that businesses stay informed and prepared for potential policy changes that could affect their operations.

LSG has become a notable player in the realm of public affairs campaigns during the presidential campaign cycle through its Early State Campaign. Understanding the importance of the primary, our campaign involves direct candidate engagement, messaging and media outreach, grassroots mobilization, and policy briefings aimed at shaping candidates’ attitudes and perceptions on key issues for clients. These direct communications provide access to educate and shape the candidates’ attitudes and perceptions of your issues and get them on the record early. These coordinated efforts can and do play a pivotal role in shaping candidate’ policy platforms, public stances on issues, and ultimately influencing the direction of political parties for years to come.

The 2024 presidential cycle stands as a pivotal moment for public affairs and advocacy campaigns for associations, corporations, and industries. Engaging now is essential for organizations and interests to make their voices heard, shape candidate policy positions, and influence the broader political agendas of the respective parties. By taking proactive steps today, clients can work toward ensuring that the issues they care about are at the forefront of the national conversation and have a lasting impact on the direction of the country.

To learn more about the Early State Campaigns and how LSG can be your partner in engaging candidates on the issues critical to the success of your member companies or business, please contact Brian Parks.