LSG is your partner to design and lead tailored, impact-driven public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns. We believe that every voter and consumer has a voice, and every local community faces its own unique challenges. Advocacy is an essential tool for educating target audiences. Our campaigns empower key local voices with the tools to engage your audience, sharing their stories, and advocating for their interests. Our team has extensive experience distilling complex corporate or public policy issues into relatable messages, and activating and amplifying local stakeholders to articulate and amplify the local and community impact of those issues through effective advocacy communications.

Public Affairs Campaign Management

Today’s public affairs campaigns require comprehensive and nimble campaign plans that break-through the crowded, 24-hour news media cycle and cut through the complex legislative and regulatory landscape. We coordinate your internal stakeholders and external partners to drive results. Our team of diverse and skilled campaign managers are experts at building and managing integrated public affairs and communications campaigns that align strategy, messaging, coalition building, and advocacy tactics to maximize impact on policy outcomes.

Field, Grassroots, & Grasstops

LSG has assembled an unparalleled network of media operatives, advocacy professionals, and community outreach experts across all 50 states, in every state capital, and with reach in every congressional district. Through this network, we maintain deep local connections and relationships with lawmakers, grasstops leaders, and grassroots constituencies as well as the community leaders and consumer audiences that matter most to corporate brands. The diversity and depth of our network allows us to mobilize influential local voices that can help bolster your brand, increase awareness about a key issue, or shape the policy environment at all levels of government. Our network also extends globally to Europe and throughout the Americas.

Coalition Building

Bringing together diverse voices and perspectives to speak with one message through a coordinated coalition makes public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns more impactful and compelling. LSG has a proven track-record of building coalitions of business and industry partners, third party groups, voters, everyday consumers, and wide-ranging constituencies. We’ve brought together diverse partners and even unexpected allies who expand the reach and impact of our coalitions. Our expert coalition managers deploy and effectively activate coalition members to take action through organic, in-person events and meetings, digital and earned media, and social media platforms.

Legislative & Elected Official Engagement

Leveraging our nationwide footprint, we have been able to build meaningful relationships with lawmakers and policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels. Through invitations to events, meetings, and strategic intercepts, LSG effectively connects clients with key elected officials – and the third-party validators and community voices who they trust – to build support for priority initiatives, shape legislation and regulations, and influence important policy outcomes.

Regulatory, M&A, & Ballot Measures

We offer invaluable counsel, effective strategies, and smart tactics to help clients reach business goals. LSG carefully analyses the political, legislative, and regulatory landscapes where we are operating. We develop targeted campaign strategies armed with data-driven messaging and arguments to influence key decision-makers and stakeholders. This allows us to shape favorable outcomes and ensure that our clients’ positions, brands, and business decisions are supported and understood by regulators, lawmakers, and the community. Leveraging our deep understanding of U.S. and global political and corporate landscapes as well as our expertise navigating complex governmental and regulatory processes, we help our clients achieve their objective when it comes to legislation, litigation, or even their bottom line.

We bring together diverse and exceptional talent to help our clients achieve their goals.

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