Communications Services

Compelling storytelling is critical to elevate your brand, protect your reputation, and engage your target audiences internally and externally. At LSG, we partner with our clients to create and deploy authentic, data-driven narratives that generate positive stories and influence key stakeholders where they are. Our team leverages their vast communications specialties and relationships with the most influential members of the media to deliver impactful results.

Narrative & Message Development

A compelling narrative is more than just a story—it’s the heart and soul of your brand. At LSG, we leverage our data-driven approach to craft powerful narratives to engage your most critical audiences, helping to shape public perception and drive successful outcomes.

Earned Media & Media Relations

We develop and execute tailored earned media strategies to help our clients tell their story, promote their products and services, and amplify their brand and mission. Earned media provides highly credible promotion to consumers but offers significantly less control. That’s why we put an emphasis on media relations, coordinating directly with influential reporters to maximize positive coverage for our clients without having to pay for it directly through sponsored content or advertising.

Executive Positioning & Thought Leadership

At LSG, we specialize in tailoring a unique and resonant voice for your executives in the crowded media and idea marketplace – leveraging thought leadership events, panel discussions, policy conferences, customized paid digital plans, and authored earned media pieces. Our strategic approach can take your leaders to the next level, aligning their personal vision with corporate objectives and cementing your brand and executives as trusted and influential voices.

Crisis & Litigation Communications

We proactively partner with our clients to identify potential threats and develop impact-driven communications roadmaps that can be executed at a moment’s notice. We understand that unforeseen issues will arise that pose significant brand and reputational risk. From rapid response to reporter education, and short and long term media planning, we stand ready to help you manage acute crises.

Spokesperson & Media Training

We provide highly customized training programs to position clients for success during media interviews, press conferences, and other earned and owned media opportunities. We go beyond talking points and speech writing, offering personalized media training to ensure that executives and spokespeople are prepared to answer tough questions, stay on message, and control any conversation–all with grace, command, and poise. Message briefings, practice interviews, Q&A and recorded prep sessions are among the tools that we use to help our clients deliver their messages with precision.

We bring together diverse and exceptional talent to help our clients achieve their goals.

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