Community Marketing

We know that trust is key when your customers are making consequential decisions about their lives, their families, their finances, and their health. We build community-based, hyper-local campaigns to reach customers, create and foster trust, and deliver the impact that you seek in each of your key markets. Deploying experienced campaign managers who understand your business priorities and embedded community organizers, with feet on the street who know the ins and outs of the local market – our goal is not simply to do outreach, it is to inspire action in a community.

Community Canvassing & Outreach

Successful organizers meet people where they are. We make it a priority to deeply understand the neighborhoods where we work. Starting with a foundation of a deep market analysis, we build our outreach programs from the ground up. Our canvassing and outreach efforts are developed based on the traffic pattern of each neighborhood, choosing high-traffic locations and peak times that are best suited to starting conversations, distributing information, and accomplishing our clients’ goals.

Influencer Engagement

Building on deep local ties and insights from years of working in your target markets, we are able to identify and engage influential local leaders as part of your campaign. We understand that your target audience will respond when they recognize a well-known and well-respected person or group. Depending on your objective, we may lean on influencers to speak on your behalf, appear at an event, share information on social media or through a newsletter, or even welcome our team into their space. Beyond mere endorsements, we create wrap-around activations to connect with your audience and drive action in that key moment.

Messenger Recruitment & Training

Recognizing that trust inspires action, we prioritize local voices. Our dedicated team of community organizers will collect stories, train spokespeople, and deploy these trusted messengers to serve as validators for our work. Working hand-in-hand with your team, we will prepare each spokesperson to understand your messaging and deliver it in a way that resonates with the target audience. This will help you establish long-term relationships with community leaders for future opportunities and successes.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

We move quickly but we know that success doesn’t happen overnight. We strategically engage well-known community partners to bolster our efforts, ensuring the right audiences are being targeted, engaged, and activated in an authentic and organic way. Our organizers have strict metrics that they must hit every week, and our hands-on management process ensures those goals are met. Whether lead generation, completed applications, or customer retention, our goal is to deliver impact. We use data to evaluate our work and measure progress in your target markets, enabling us to make real-time improvements to the program to generate maximum results.

Experiential Activations

Experiential activations can be a powerful tool in engaging key audiences and building brand affinity. Our team understands the importance of compelling storytelling, and one of the benefits of our hyperlocal approach is the ability to customize events that best reach your target audience. We will optimize your appearances at community events, maximize event opportunities with your partners, and even plan unique programming and immersive experiences that cultivate excitement and create lasting emotional connections with your brand. Our team can manage every step of these events and activations from start to finish, or layer in to support your team as needed to deliver success.

We bring together diverse and exceptional talent to help our clients achieve their goals.

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