Strategic Insights

We believe winning shouldn’t be left to chance. LSG is your global and domestic research partner to navigate an ever-changing landscape of opportunities and threats that can affect your brand, reputation, or market share. Our research, insights, and analytics drive and shape our campaign strategy, messaging, and execution. We conduct our qualitative and quantitative research in house and specialize in targeting the audiences who matter most to our clients’ success. Our research is actionable helping guide and inform our clients’ efforts to shape perceptions and drive behavior.

Message Testing & Creative Testing

We take a data-driven approach to message and creative development to deliver impactful brand, reputation, and public affairs campaigns. Through our focus groups, dial sessions, and surveys, we simulate a communications campaign to pressure test messaging and creative and ensure our clients win against competitors and detractors.

Public Opinion Research

Understanding the perceptions, priorities, and expectations of the audiences who matter most is key to developing a successful communications campaign that delivers impact. Our qualitative and quantitative public opinion research helps understand and tap into audiences’ thinking and emotion to determine how to create, shape, and change perceptions and behavior.

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

Whether looking to enter a new market, reposition a brand, or develop and change an organization, we serve as a strategic partner to help guide, inform, and implement those key business decisions. We don’t just tell you where you stand at a moment in time. Our research provides an actionable roadmap that shows you where you need to go and how to leverage communication to get there.

Brand & Reputation Tracking

Understanding and strengthening your brand and reputation is critical to the long-term success of any organization or industry. We measure and track sentiment among key audiences in addressable markets to assess a company’s or industry’s performance and help navigate a rapidly changing business and policy landscape.

Campaign Measurement & Optimization

Measurement and demonstrating impact are at the heart of everything we deliver for our clients. Traditional measurement tools can be very limited in their ability to assess key performance indicators at scale. We develop comprehensive quantitative instruments and dashboards to measure impact, track effectiveness, and optimize our clients’ campaigns.

We bring together diverse and exceptional talent to help our clients achieve their goals.

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