Stakeholder Engagement

We’ve done it all when it comes to engaging diverse stakeholders – from local small business owners, seniors, and veterans, to teachers, doctors, firefighters, and minority community leaders. Building successful strategies to engage stakeholders enables our clients to better understand brand impact, reputation, and business priorities. At LSG, we also know that proactive stakeholder engagement allows our clients to collaborate where they are looking for solutions or common ground, avoid reputational damage, and build lasting relationships and trust that supports long-term success.

Reputation Campaign Management

Protecting, building, or re-building corporate reputation is fundamental to the multi-faceted campaigns we run at LSG. We understand that in today’s climate, our clients face many complex challenges that impact their reputation and brand. Our approach to corporate reputation campaigns includes strategic planning, data-driven and pressure-tested messaging development, disciplined communications strategies, targeted media engagement, and meaningful community engagement.

Community Engagement

We believe there is no more impactful place to engage than at the community level. Our team has unmatched expertise in community engagement having built campaigns and worked at the hyper-local level in every state across the U.S. We build tailored campaigns to help our clients tell their story in compelling and authentic ways that will resonate with different communities and achieve impactful brand, marketing, public affairs, and communications results.

Third Party Recruitment

Effectively engaging third party organizations, leaders, and grassroots constituents is essential for building credibility and expanding your network of allies and coalition partners. LSG has a proven-track record of cultivating and activating credible third-party partners and building long-lasting relationships with unexpected or unlikely organizational allies and their networks of local consumers, voters, and stakeholders.

Relationship Mapping

Knowing your target audience, identifying the right messages and messengers, and prioritizing your most persuadable audiences is essential to success. In coordination with LSG’s in-house research and insights practice, we take a data-driven approach to identifying our client’s best messages, the most impactful messengers, and segmenting and prioritizing the audiences with whom we are most likely to resonate. We then leverage that data and our nationwide field network to build actionable relationship roadmaps for our clients to engage and activate those messengers.

Event Production & Management

Experiential activations are an impactful and memorable way to engage target audiences. Whether big or small, we provide strategic planning, coordination, and execution of all aspects of an event to make certain our clients are making an impact and achieving their objectives. We ensure the target audience of the event is engaged and the message of the event is marketed effectively to create and shape perceptions of key stakeholders.

We bring together diverse and exceptional talent to help our clients achieve their goals.

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