Fiona O’Brien

Fiona is a manager at LSG working on the Community Solutions team. She has years of field experience, including grassroots organizing, community outreach and event planning with the LSG team. Fiona has organized all over the US and Canada, giving her a firm grasp on how campaigns function at the hyperlocal level and at scale. At the heart of Fiona’s work is her belief to make an impact, we must listen to others and share their stories. Fiona is a proud Colorado native and has a Political Science degree from the University of Portland.

Fun Facts

What is one random fact people MUST know about you?

My mom has seven sisters, so sometimes it feels like I have seven moms. I also have 21 first cousins and I’m close with all of them!

What is the one thing on the top of your bucket list?

Visit the ten biggest cathedrals and mosques in the world.