Molly Roecker

Senior Director
Molly is a Senior Director at LSG, spearheading efforts in strategic narrative development to drive the firm's public relations and communications practice forward. With an extensive background in journalism, her global reporting experience honed her ability to understand nuanced messaging and translate it into impactful narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. Molly’s keen insights into effective communication strategies, combined with her passion for storytelling, make her an invaluable asset to translate stories into impact. Before joining LSG, Molly played a pivotal role in covering some of the most significant political events in modern history at NBC News White House Unit, producing stories that captivated millions worldwide.

Fun Facts

Do you have pets? If yes, what is one funny thing they do that makes you smile?

I have a dog named Ruth! We have taught her a ton of fun tricks, but sometimes when there is a treat in play, she will just do every single trick she knows in rapid succession before you ask because she gets so excited.

What is one random fact people MUST know about you?

My favorite dessert is carrot cake but it absolutely cannot have raisins in it.