LSG’s Integrated Campaign Approach

July 31, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you look forward to presidential elections every four years. Not just for the candidates and media coverage but because campaign cycles are where we see many of our firm’s tactics come to life. From town halls to social media, there is a spotlight on evolving technology, new media platforms, and targeted communications channels.

There is no doubt that information is traveling faster and further than ever before. It’s become increasingly clear that effective communication requires an integrated, multi-pronged approach. In today’s connected world, any campaign looking to make an impact must stay on message and strategically leverage media, stakeholder engagement, grassroots coalition building, and digital advertising to break through the clutter.

The truth is, the same can be said for corporations and nonprofits—regardless of whether they are trying to influence public policy or create brand awareness and loyalty. Like a candidate, our clients need to engage with the public to effectively reach their target audiences. Policymakers, investors, influencers, and customers share many of the same attributes as voters—they consume information from a crowded environment surrounded by competing interests. Brands and companies are most successful when they use evolving communications tactics and channels.

Fortunately, LSG is not a traditional public relations or public affairs firm. We are an impact agency that designs and executes multidiscipline campaigns that can help solve the most complex communications challenges. Because our campaigns are always grounded in data collected by our in-house research team and built by our diverse, best-in-class communications, public relations, and public affairs professionals, we create unparalleled impact for our clients.  

LSG understands that our clients’ brands and reputations are at the core of their businesses, and public perception is key to achieving any business goal. This is why our clients’ values anchor our campaigns, and we focus on strategies that tell our clients’ stories through genuine, relatable, and engaging communications.

We do this by employing various tactics, including securing speaking opportunities with key audiences, proactive media engagement, targeted paid advertising, social media engagement, and organizing community events. A successful campaign strategy moves the needle, influencing public sentiment and increasing brand loyalty.

Our team is fluent in public relations and public affairs. In a traditional public relations campaign, we measure success in terms of impressions and shift in public sentiment, while we measure the success of our public affairs strategies solely on legislative and policy wins.

But public affairs campaigns are not only effective in response to government actions. They are essential as part of a strategy to proactively drive growth and improve the business climate for our clients—no matter the challenge.

At LSG, we know that by combining fact-based, pressure-tested messaging, values-based, authentic storytelling and relationship building, influencer engagement, third-party validator recruitment, and on-the-ground community outreach, we can position our clients, their brands, and their products for success.

To learn more about our approach to integrated campaigns, please contact Hayley Zachary.