The Importance of Hispanic Engagement in Houston

October 4, 2023

Houston, Texas is one of the most diverse cities in the country, with one of the nation’s largest, fastest-growing Hispanic populations. The opportunities to elevate Hispanic voices and better communicate with Hispanic communities goes to the core of why LSG launched its Hispanic Engagement practice.

With a metro population of over 7 million, Houston is a hub of ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity. In this majority-minority city, Hispanics make up the largest percentage of the population at 45%. Unsurprisingly, Houston also has one of the largest Spanish-speaking populations of any major U.S. city, with more than 38% of Houstonians—2.7 million people—speaking Spanish at home.

Hispanics also have an outsized economic impact in Houston. For energy giants like ExxonMobil and Chevron, Hispanics make up between 15 to 20% of the workforce. The workforce for the Texas construction industry is over 60% Hispanic. At Harvey-Cleary, one of Houston’s most prominent construction firms, Hispanics make up over 36% of the workforce. Other prominent U.S. industries increasingly rely on Hispanic workforce as well.  

In markets like Houston, companies are finding that engaging with the local Hispanic community has become essential to their business priorities. According to recent research by LSG:

  • 72% of Houstonians believe it is important that Houston area businesses speak and engage with communities in Spanish.
  • 75% of the region’s voters believe it is important for Houston area businesses to successfully communicate with consumers in both English and Spanish.
  • 51% are more likely to frequent a business that advertises in Spanish.
  • 52% believe Houston area companies are using the right amount of Spanish in their advertising, while 16% believe companies aren’t using enough. 

LSG has recognized this and embraced the opportunity to help our clients successfully reach Houston’s Spanish-speaking audience through our Hispanic Engagement practice. We understand that reaching Spanish speakers isn’t just about translating content from English to Spanish. LSG’s Hispanic Engagement practice evaluates the many nuances that make each Hispanic population unique, creating messaging that diverges from its English counterpart and better resonates with local communities.

We have put this into practice in Houston. Our team has helped clients integrate Spanish into their day-to-day operations, helping our clients educate and connect with a wider Spanish-speaking audience across the Houston area. Our team is equipped to create Spanish social and digital content, build Spanish paid media strategies, and engage with key stakeholders in order to create both bilingual and Spanish-only campaigns designed to specifically target Spanish speakers and achieve maximum impact for our clients.

LSG’s Hispanic Engagement practice is working to help our clients reach Houston’s rapidly expanding and highly diverse Hispanic population. We look forward to continuing to build our presence in the Houston area and execute strategies that truly connect with key audiences while understanding their unique perspectives and values.

To learn more about our Hispanic Engagement practice, please contact: Dave Herrero or Juan Ignacio Güenechea Rodríguez.